Genealogy Interview with Lourie Ferroni

The following is the interview capture from Lolita McKay regarding Lourie's interest in Genealogy.


So Lourie, what motivated your interest in Genealogy?

As a young girl growing up in an Italian family, I was always fascinated with the stories my aunts and uncles would share at family gatherings. I would write little notes, store away in envelopes and periodically look through them; adding more information as I received this.


It was only maybe 5-8 years ago that I decided to join Shortly after joining, I started to connect with members of my extended family whom I never knew existed. Many of them lived in the United States and other parts of Ontario. It was through one of my newly discovered second cousins, who would tell me that our great great grandfather was a Genealogist by profession. I suppose that I already had this interest in my DNA so I am very happy about this.


How far up your lineage were you able to trace?

Oh my, I was able to trace as far back as the 1600's. I would also discover that one of my great great grandfathers was a son during the period of the American Revolution; and the 9th great great grandfather was the founder of the public school system in United States of America. 


What would you say is the greatest benefit from this hobby of yours?

For anyone curious about their lineage, it is an opportunity to make new connections; foster new relationships; and share information both past and present. It is also a great excuse to visit new places and meet members of your extended family; learn about their lives and develop a bond with common interests.


Do you have any tips to share with others who may also have an interest in tracing their roots? Absolutely...
  • Talk to your living extended family members; gather names, dates and places of birth that anyone can remember; every family has a member who has an elephant memory - tap on them;
  • Photocopy or scan newspaper articles and pictures that they may be able to share with you;
  • Join a Genealogy service such as; consider acquiring software that can help you organize all the information that you will be collecting from your research;
  • Connect with people online to share tips as well;
  • Don't be discouraged if you are flagged with failed matches of connections to your lineage;
  • Be open-minded;
  • Be inquisitive but respectful as well when you ask questions while you collect information;
Lastly, don't take the process too seriously. It is so important to have fun with it. You just never know where an innocent hobby may lead to.

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